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Paddles and Packs: The Best “Anti-Cardio” for Athletes

  The following was written by John Odden, owner and Head Coach of Empowered Strength  —  The Story  I have always had a question in my mind since my early college days:  “Why is there such an obsession with running and other cardio nightmares like the stair-stepper, ellipticals, and the dread-mill?”  People mindlessly slog away on these machines for hours on end, in[…]

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“Boot Strapper” Goblet Squat

The Boot Strapper Goblet Squat is a great movement that can be added to your pre-squat workout or even for a quick Minute Move Well Snack in the middle of the day. Start with a low weight and work on your breathing throughout the movement. Online Coaching with Empowered Strength.[…]

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Shoulder Dislocate

The shoulder dislocate is a movement that sounds much more ominous than it actually is. In fact, it’s not horrible at all and will do many beneficial things for your shoulders and thoracic spine. All you need to do, as shown in the video, is grab a dowel of some[…]

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